Invitation Letter Request Form

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For visa applications our authorized event company in Ukraine will provide invitation letters to attendees covering dates 04-10 November 2019.

Visitors will need original copy of the invitation letter which will be mailed to your legal adres. This process takes up to 7-10 days. Also visa process will take place minimum 2-3 weeks. Please consider the time that you need for visa.

Visa invitation letters will be provided between dates 09.08.2019 and 15.09.2019. After deadline due to lack of time invitation letters will be sent by only airmail which will cost additional 50 Euros per envelope.

Due to laws of Ukraine, who provide an invitation letter will be responsible for everything about the visitor at any means. Additionally invitation letter should provide visitors original hotel voucher, name and dates written on it.

Because of reasons above visa invitation letters will be provided to whom;

Countries who have restrictions for money transfers we prepare credit card payment method for you at our official website which will allow attendant to pay properly and charge your card in local currencies. All money transfer and credit card commissions will be paid by attendants.
There will be no exception for any attendees. Thank you for your understanding.